Thursday, 24 April 2008

Kinit Her be monsters

Kinit Her are one of the rare few actually-good bands that have 'cold-called' me with their add request on myspace. I'm glad I decided to listen instead of dismissing straight away. Their sound was so different that I loved it straight away. They still sound to me like crazy little goblins singing little scary songs in the middle of the night, but it's still a good sound to have.

Their first release is a cdr in late 2006 called Menial As Archivists- different handmade versions of it are probably still available from them via their myspace, complete with wallpaper tracklist and flower petals placed in the packaging. 7 cool songs, with my favourite being The Pin Globes, followed by Heart Murmers and the interestingly named and disturbingly sounding Aids in The Milkbowl. They are strange. They are nice.

Their next release was initially the download only ep, Bone Marrow Artifacts, but a free download ep for y'all!

It initially didn't grab me as immediately as ...Archivists, but I've been listening to it quite a bit since December, and have since grown to love it also.

For physical-loving folk (like me), you can get ...Archivists and ...Artifacts both on a snazzy white cassette tape with some more sweet handmade'ness paper/drawings/sticky paint stuffs:

& finally. There are four more new songs on their myspace that I think will possibly be on their next release/album. A bit more electric guitar type sounds that I'm not too keen on, but still has their weirdness and will hopefully warm the goblin cockles of my heart.

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Hi Paolo,

I'm a radio producer with CBC (Canada's version of the BBC) and I read about "Write Me Stories".

We're coming to London to do some shows for Canada Day in July and I'd like to ask you some questions.

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