Sunday, 11 May 2008

This Boy... who floated freely- Ramóna Cordova

Gosh, making posts here is hard for someone as lazy and easily distracted as me!

Anyhow, here is another chap I found via myspace called Ramón Alarcón, and his act (which I think is named after his grandmother) called Ramóna Cordova. It was back in March 2006, from Shugo Tokumaru's myspace where I decided to investigate his 'friends'- I hopped over to one I wasn't too keen on, but saw a nice enticing avatar of another 'friend'; that of Ramón's:

The above being the picture used for his album, The Boy Who Floated Freely. So I went to his myspace, listened, and was in love. Introduction sounded almost magical, and Giver's Reply is just a perfectly formed song with its dustbin-sounding percussion sounds. There were two other songs on his myspace also, but these two just grabbed my attention and I listened to them repeatedly, eager for the day that I could get his album. I was able to get it in April of that year, although it seemed like it was magically sent to me, as the website changed its mind afterwards about its stock availabilty/release date, and even now the websites I've looked at today seem to have it listed as out of stock, or the equally as bad '2-4 weeks' delivery warning, which is always going to end in disappointment.

The album is one of them 'concept' albums I suppose, which Ramón wrote about when I asked him for a story at his London gig that year. He later toured Europe with Shugo Tokumaru, but criminally they never came over to the UK!

Anyways. The reason I'm posting about him now is because of his new updated website, which has free mp3s of a demo version of The Boy Who Floated Freely- clicky here. That was a pleasant surprise for me to find, especially as he doesn't seem to be any nearer to writing a follow-up album. So listen to these demos, and if you like, then go buy the proper album.

If you can find it.

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