Wednesday, 23 April 2008

I miss your breath(e owl breathe)ing


Goes my favourite song of bob's: Run Off. It starts off slowly enough, and then the cello, and then the woo-hoo's. All the while the geetar continues, a piano in the background with the lady's backing vocals, all complimenting the deep and lovely voice of the main singer, who sings the word 'me' in a way that I love more than I should, and then the piano and the cello come more to the front of the song, and some banjo too, and then the woo-hoo's start again and the song feels too short, even though it's a nice decent 4 minutes 46. So I play and listen to it again. and again. I did that a lot last year. and then I listen to the rest of the album which is also beautiful, but Run Off has the focus of my attention forever.

This slightly nice song and it's album-mates are from last year's album by the name of Canadian Shield. Here is a picture of it so you know which one to buy when you search online. The picture will help you. You might possibly want to buy it from their label's site, which may posso be here.

Their myspace has some songs from Canadian Shield on it, but unfortunately not Run Off, or the sweet song with lady cello singer being the main singer in it: Your Cape. But the other songs are still great, so do have a listen.
Oh wait, here is the best I can do, a good ol' youtube live performance in some tiny place, which is pretty cool with the floor-sitting audience woo-hoo'ing along, especially with the gender-switching audience part too. woo-hoo miaow miaow.

They also have two older albums which, while nice, don't have the utter charm that Canadian Shield has. But this year, ol' bob released an emusic-only ep, Ghost Glacier. Two songs from it are from Canadian Shield, but the others are new'uns, that shall probably be on their (hopefully) soon-to-be released new album of the same name- i.e. Ghost Glacier. Sabertooth Tiger is a great song from it, and Window is a short but quirky and different-sounding song, so I am looking forward to my owl-loving continuing and growing. Hopefully yours also. Hopefo.

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