Thursday, 12 June 2008

These ghosts... Orphans & Vandals

I first heard these guys a couple of weeks ago from an email from The Local chaps, promoting their various gigs, and I spotted a free gig with Orphans & Vandals playing with Plants & Animals- neither of whom I had heard of, but after some myspacing, decided that I liked both. Then with multitudulousness of listenings to Orphans & Vandals I decided that I very much loved them.

The singer seems to sometimes do a talking type of singing, and somehow seemed like a splice of the singers from Pulp, The Real Tuesday Weld, and Misty's Big Adventure. To me at least. And then with lovely strings, and lyrics about a boy/girl coming all over him, and the general epic-sounding'ness of it all. Two songs can be download from their Myspace, and you really should go download the giant 10 minute beauty that is Mysterious Skins- not a minute of it feels wasted or unneccessary. & then just listen to it repeatedly (my 25th play right now, says my music player, although it's been more really).

The other two non-downloadable songs on their myspace can be got from their 10" vinyl that they have released. A picture, see:

So yes, back to that earlier mention of them playing a gig- t'was at The Big Chill House, and they were as good as I was hoping for. We even filmed some of their songs, but unfortunately Mysterious Skin is above the 10 minute limit that youtube likes, but Terra Firma fits in with a whole minute and three quarters to spare, see:

The sound isn't perfect, but that's more a result of the camera than the sound of the band/gig itself (which was great), but it should give you a rough idea.

Am very much eagerly awaiting further releases and gigs from these chaps and chapesses.

Ooh la-di-da, ooh la-di-da-da!

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