Monday, 30 June 2008

Brother is to Sons Of Noel And Adrian

June has been a crazy month of music and cds for me, so maybe I'll try and up the posting-ante (although unlikely...). To start it off, here is the Brighton band Sons Of Noel And Adrian whom I first heard at last year's End Of The Road Festival, and was bowled over by the orchestra of perfectly created noise (in a folky kinda way) that came from them.

Again, the best description is to actually hear them, and so here is a video we filmed of them at EOTR Festival, performing (most of (it was too long a song for our remaining camera memory!)) Damien:

They obviously sound even better than that in person. Anyhow, afterwards I promptly bought their self-made ep, and have pretty much been listening to it regularly since last September (9 months now!)- there were three different ep covers available, and I chose this nicely coloured one:

I've since seen them two additional times, including at Union Chapel a couple of weeks ago, at a lovely free day-time gig, and was almost jumping for joy in my pew when they announced that their debut album was going to be released two days later, and that they had albums for sale with them that day.

The album can currently be listened to (although maybe only for a limited time) here at, and has nine great songs- including the four songs from the ep, which makes listening to it a bit disjointed for me at the moment, but only until I get to know and love the remaining five songs as much.
They're rather fab. Even drownedinsound liked them. Should that be enough to convince you!

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Anonymous said...

Hello there,

I was also at the Union Chapel gig and was so impressed we at Kick the Plug are getting them to play at the Wilmington Arms (roseberry ave, EC!R) on 3rd Sept. Hopefully see you there!